100 Years Of Popular Magazine Cover Evolution

Magazine Cover Evolution Time changes everything, including magazine covers! Karen X. Chang and Jerry Gabra took a look how magazines change over the years. The New Yorker has remained almost the same, with covers that hardly betray their year. Times seems to have understood the timelessness of their red rectangle and have stuck with it. Meanwhile, fashion and women’s magazines are all going for more explicit pictures with more and more text.

100 Years Of Popular Magazine Cover Evolution

Magazine Cover Evolution: Karen X. Chang writes that she “makes viral videos and explainer videos for startups.” “The magazine cover’s job is to sell the magazine — it has to stand out in a rack full of other magazines. So the design starts to get louder and louder” she stated in her Medium article. Jerry Gabra is a product design consultant in San Fracisco. I wonder if his insights have anything to do with the article!

Magazine Cover Evolution

Time 1900 to 2010

Magazine Cover Evolution image 1919

Magazine Cover Evolution1970 to 2000

Magazine Cover Evolution per of the year

Time 1920 to 2010

Magazine Cover Evolution 1920 1960

Magazine Cover Evolution 1970 to 2010

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